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19 January 2014 @ 07:19 pm
[shared 'verse: jazz remix] never have I ever  
title: Never Have I Ever
rating: PG13
word count: 1126
community: writerverse + [community profile] rainbowfic
prompt: Phase #09: Challenge #19: Seven Deadly Sins + bittersweet: #02: memories</a>
pairing: Aya/Mariel/Tristan, (Nikos/)Silas/Koji
summary: A friendly drinking game reveals some interesting secrets…

“Never have I ever…” Silas trailed off, struggling to think of something. Then, with a triumphant gleam in his eyes, he declared, “Never have I ever been unfaithful to my partner.”

Koji winced and took a shot. After a moment’s contemplation, so did Nikos. When Mariel raised an eyebrow at him, he shrugged and muttered something about being young and stupid. Tristan took a drink as well, earning him a skeptical look from the others.

“Mr Licht didn’t specify how he hadn’t been unfaithful,” he said, defensively, slurring a little too much to make sense of what he said, but the others understood. Tristan spread his hands in front of himself protectively, whether to defend himself from a blow or to show his wedding ring. Mariel took his hand.

Seated to Silas’s left, she came next. Mariel bit her thumb contemplatively. “Never have I ever,” she glanced around the circle and landed on Koji. His eyes widened in question. She smirked at him and said, “slept with Koji Kotobuki.” Laughing, she added, “so help me God.”

Mariel raised her glass in cheers as everyone else except Aya took a shot.

Aya giggled. “My turn! Never have I ever slept with a man at all!”

She preened as everyone else took a shot, Mariel and Silas both looking sheepish. Tristan nudged her, tapping her knee and causing her to blush profusely. Koji narrowed his eyes thoughtfully for a moment, and then either filed the thought away for later or forgot about it entirely; nobody had been keeping track of drinks that evening, so it was difficult to say.

Attention turned to Tristan, who tapped his cane thoughtfully. He knew only Mariel very well, and perhaps Aya and Koji somewhat. Although Silas had broken his nose once, Tristan felt they were still mostly strangers, and he knew next to nothing about Nikos. After a brief pause, Tristan said, “Never have I ever been to the Met.”

Everyone but Koji drank, and wondered at Tristan for choosing such a bland confession. What had he been up to in his absence that the only thing he hadn’t done was visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

Aya broke the awkward silence with a giggled, “Oh, then we simply must take you someday, Tristan! The Egyptians -“ she sighed dreamily and patted Tristan’s good leg.

Nikos’s turn came next, and the others turned to him in curiosity. Nikos Vallas had done everything and almost everyone in New York City and most of his little hometown in Greece before he emigrated. But, smirking, Nikos said unhesitatingly, “Never have I ever been in a bar fight.” He folded his arms triumphantly. “Pacifist,” he added, when the others looked at him disbelievingly.

“I feel like I should take two,” said Mariel - inconsequentially, as her glass had only orange juice.

“Probably,” agreed Nikos. Koji rubbed his crooked nose.

Aya drank, too, earning him some surprised stares. She took their skepticism in stride, just smiling coyly and prettily smoothing the skirt of her red dress, crossing her legs demurely. “Your turn, Mr Kotobuki,” said Aya, batting her eyelashes and deflecting attention; an impressive feat for a pretty heiress used to always being in the spotlight.

Koji turned his glass in his hands. “Never have I ever been to high school,” he said, finally. “And if you’ve been to college, take two.” Everyone else drank; Tristan and Mariel both took two shots. “Thought so,” he said, pleased to turn this setback into an advantage for once. “Si?” he asked, gallantly.

Silas paused and then said, clearly but with obvious effort. “Never have I ever slept with a woman.”

This earned him a fit of giggles from Aya as everyone else took a drink. Mariel, taking her shot, wondered how much Silas had before they started playing.

“Really?” she asked, almost before she could stop herself.

“Mhm,” he said. “I was a virgin before -“

Mariel put a hand up. “Stop, before you embarrass yourself, Silas. You might not remember this tomorrow morning, but I will. Let me take my turn.”

Silas nodded gratefully; even drunk, he recognized the save and raised his glass in acknowledgement of the favor. Mariel tried to think of something she had need done, at least that she would admit out loud in mixed company. “Never have I ever been in a threesome,”

Nikos and Silas drank. So did Koji, but not before objecting, “but you live in a -“

“So? We haven’t -“ said Mariel, regretting this decision.

“More’s the pity,” grumbled Aya, earning her an approving nod from Nikos, a curious glance from Tristan and a panicked expression from Mariel. Aya patted Mariel’s thigh, perhaps a little too high up to be comforting or appropriate in public.

Leaving her hand there with her fingertips resting on the inseam of Mariel’s trousers, Aya sat up and said, “Never have I ever had a job.”

“Ouch,” said Koji, as everyone took a drink. Aya lounged luxuriously across both Mariel’s lap and Tristan’s, yawning exaggeratedly.

“Your turn,” she added, nodding to Tristan.

“Never have I ever spent more than an hour on my appearance,” he said, smugly.

Aya pouted at him and stuck out her tongue before drinking her shot. Nikos shrugged good-naturedly and drank; so did Mariel, to general surprise.

“What?” she asked, scowling. When the others didn’t back off, she mumbled something about binding her chest flat and Aya’s help with the process.

If Koji intended to comment, Tristan ominously tapping his cane gave him reason to reconsider and he kept his mouth shut.

Nikos leaned back in his chair, legs crossed; his posture was open, friendly. He grinned. “Never have I ever smoked a cigarette,” he said, to much grumbling.

After drinking her orange juice shot, Mariel asked, “but Mr Vallas, what have you smoked?”

That answer depends on who you are and why you’re asking.” said Nkos. “I believe it’s Koji’s turn?”

Mariel narrowed her eyes, but Nikos ignored her, turning attentively to Koji, who said, “Never have I ever worn women’s underthings.”

Koji spoke clearly, but with effort; he already had a lot to drink - he must have, to sound so pleased with himself about this accomplishment.

Mariel drank; Aya drank. Nikos poured himself a mixed shot of orange juice and vodka and tossed it back.

“Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it,” he said, sagely, “but I found it a little form fitting.”

Aya wrinkled her nose. Tristan took that moment to drink, hoping no one would notice. It didn’t work. Silas made a disgusted face and even Mariel raised an eyebrow, but all he would say was, “Needs must, darling, needs must.”

“Well, we’ve all learned something new this evening,” said Mariel, dubiously, “but I want to hear this story another time.”
♥: sillysilly