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23 December 2013 @ 12:23 am
[shared 'verse: jazz remix] advent (23)  
title: Advent (23)
rating: G
word count: 336
summary: house rules: you have to kiss someone if you end up under the mistletoe together! hijinks ensue. (Tristan/Koji)
notes: the twenty third of twenty five kisses under the mistletoe at a Christmas party Nikos is hosting

Mariel caught Aya when she swayed, giggling. She held Aya's wineglass to keep it from spilling and attempted to guide Aya back to the living room, where she could sit down safely. Aya was increasingly amorous, and Mariel blushed as Aya slipped a hand beneath her untucked shirt.

"Come along, darling," she said, bracing herself against the wall as Aya tripped over her high heels. "I think you've had plenty."

"Says you," muttered Aya.

Mariel looked to Tristan for sympathy, but Tristan's attention was elsewhere. He frowned and shifted his weight uncomfortably, leaning against the wall and tapping his cane pensively. Koji looked between Silas and Tristan, biting his lip. Silas loomed.

"Miss Scarlett." Mariel nudged Aya forward into the den and let her topple over onto the love seat. "Sit here and be a good girl." She placed a quick kiss on Aya's forehead and turned back into the hall, nodding to Nikos to follow her.

"Si, why don' ya go back inta the den," suggested Koji. "Then ya don' hafta get angry."

"And leave you two unsupervised?" demanded Silas, frowning like thunder.

"I think I've learned my lesson, Mr Licht," said Tristan, attempting to ease the tension. He touched his crooked nose uncomfortably.

"You didn't seem to learn better the first time," growled Silas. "I don't understand how you got into Harvard."

Tristan ignored this comment, and took his wife's hand. Mariel had slipped past Silas to stand by her husband. Nikos surveyed the scene from the safety of the doorframe.

"I think," he said, with as much authority as he could muster after too much mulled wine, "we should make an exception, just this once. Peace on earth and goodwill towards men," he quoted sagely.

Tristan nodded his thanks and followed Mariel back into the safety of the den. As he settled onto the love seat beside Aya, they could hear Silas rumbling, "peace on earth and goodwill towards men, that son of a bitch."

"Merry Christmas," said Mariel, kissing her husband's temple.
♥: uncomfortableawkward