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18 September 2013 @ 09:03 pm
[miscellaneous: meme] perfectworry author bingo ★  
[personal profile] perfectworry author bingo ★
miscommunication killswomen leadersdead fathersslice of life storiesno really tho: lesbians
soft butch/femmestarts with a
line of dialog
ragtag bands
of misfits
shy characters
who hide it with snark
a village raising
a child
lesbiansromantic two-girl friendshipsdomesticityfamilies of choice
established relationshipsdapper cross-dressing ladieslots of short scenestoo much dialog,
not enough description
shoddy research
nonsexual intimacynot enough actioncuddling/kissing
dead husbandsdescription of how the light looks
♥: sillysilly