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16 March 2014 @ 05:10 pm
[poetry] original soundtracks 1  
title: Original Soundtracks 1 (or, A Save Tokyo City Story)
rating: PG
word count: 114
community: writerverse
prompt: Phase #10: Challenge #06: Weekly Quick Fic #02 (soundtracks for imagined films)
summary: a poem about Tokyo
notes: "私たちの大きな夢" means "our big dream," it's the name of a U2 song; "胸の鼓動を高める物ように" is from another U2 song, and it means "like a thing that makes [your] heart beat faster,"
and "胸の孤独を高める物ように" is a pun, because "鼓動" (loosely, the "beat" in "heartbeat") and "孤独" ("loneliness or isolation") are pronounced the same way. "友&愛" means "friendship and love," and would be pronounced the same as "you and I."

plug into the love current
drown in the sound

sing your heart out
sing my heart out

bass drops as you walk into the room

soundtracks to imaginary films
starring you

such stuff as dreams are made on


here, I am everything
all of the time

there’s nothing you have that i need


one minute warning
my heart rate rapid

the rhythm of the city silenced
and the sky is turning yellow
downtown ghost town
streets deserted

you and i

surrounded by holy places
running through sacred ground

(“do you always pray to strange gods?”)

into a profane capitalism of
riotous sounds and screaming colors
into one

(because i believe in kingdom come)
♥: thoughtfulthoughtful