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14 December 2013 @ 12:27 pm
[shared 'verse: jazz remix] advent (14)  
title: Advent (14)
rating: G
word count: 236
summary: house rules: you have to kiss someone if you end up under the mistletoe together! hijinks ensue. (Aya/Nikos)
notes: the fourteenth of twenty five kisses under the mistletoe at a Christmas party Nikos is hosting

"Miss Scarlett," said Mariel, nudging Aya forward. "Ladies first."

Aya kissed Mariel on the cheek and sauntered ahead to the stunning array of food set out by Nikos. He had been cooking all day, maybe longer, and it smelled delicious. Mariel lingered behind with Tristan, subtly helping him when he leaned heavily on his cane, leaving him with only one free hand. Nikos took the opportunity to sidle up to Aya, slipping an arm around her waist.

"Watch it," hissed Mariel.

Nikos sparkled back at her and tugged Aya closer.

"Don't worry," said Aya, cheerfully helping herself to another piece of pie - having already eaten most of Glory's - and slicing another for Mariel and a third for Tristan, who nodded gratefully. "I'm quite sure Mr Vallas is a little bent. Aren't you, dear?" she asked, giving him a playful kiss on the cheek as they passed under the mistletoe.

"More than a little, Miss Scarlett," said Nikos, gallantly pouring her a glass of champagne with his free hand, "but not so much that I can't appreciate your beauty."

"You flatter me," said Aya. She ignored Mariel's muttered, "who doesn't?" and ducked out of Nikos's embrace, "but I'm afraid I'm an invert, too, and bent the other way."

She smiled at Mariel, who - blushing - smiled back. As Aya disappeared into the living room, Mariel scowled at Nikos, who grinned back and pointed upwards.
♥: sillysilly